Private Residence

For a family or a larger group of friends looking for absolute privacy, we offer a completely separate, unique complex of rooms. Picture yourself…enjoying your gourmet breakfast at a long wooden table, in your own private courtyard, relaxing in your custom built outdoor Jacuzzi, tasting exquisite grilled delicacies from your outdoor traditional stove oven. At KAPARI Private Residence, escape from the ordinary…and experience the beauty of the resort's incomparable views. A few steps below the main courtyard is a fairy-tale room, bright and comfortable. Through its windows, the afternoon sun softly lights up the entire living space. Indulge in the comfort of a built-in sofa in your own private terrace, almost touching 'Skaros' and enjoy the sunset. At the highest point of the complex, the ""eagle's nest"", is an addition to the rooms of the Private Residence: you can reserve for yourself this penthouse sanctuary with the large outdoor Jacuzzi, that will reward you with ultimate privacy and exquisite views.

The Private Residence at Kapari Natural Resort can accommodate from 2 to 15 guests in 3, 4 or 5 unit configuration.

"Θαλασσοξυπνημένη, αγέρωχη
Όρθωσες ενα στήθος βράχου<
Κατάστιχτου απ'την έμπνευση της όστριας,
Για να χαράξει εκεί τα σπλάχνα της η οδύνη
Για να χαράξει εκεί τα σπλάχνα της η ελπίδα" 

«Ode to Santorini» - Orientations, Odysseas Elytis