Fascinating and mysterious, romantic and wild, Santorini is famous worldwide for its rare natural beauty, the result of volcanic eruption of the 16th century BC Countless stories, myths and legends surrounding this unique island, with the dark volcanic beaches, the imperious rocks and whitewashed houses that seem to be on moving on the brink. But beyond the great natural charm, Santorini is an ideal place for any traveler: those wanting to be introduced to the ancient culture, the ones craving the Aegean authentic character but also, those who want to enjoy the most of all the joys of holiday, from morning until the next dawn.



"One of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini, built on the highest point of rocks (altitude 380 m). Here remain the ruins of the Venetian castle ""Skaros"" that functioned as an observatory at the time of the Venetians and was destroyed by an earthquake in 1817. The trail leads from the church Skaros Theoskepasti on the edge of a cliff, with magnificent views of the volcanic islands of Palea and Nea Kameni. Imerovigli is only 2 km from Fira, 8 km from Santorini Airport and 10 kilometers from the port.

"Θαλασσοξυπνημένη, αγέρωχη
Όρθωσες ενα στήθος βράχου<
Κατάστιχτου απ'την έμπνευση της όστριας,
Για να χαράξει εκεί τα σπλάχνα της η οδύνη
Για να χαράξει εκεί τα σπλάχνα της η ελπίδα" 

«Ode to Santorini» - Orientations, Odysseas Elytis